Mushrooms grown on Mushroom Food Plot for deer

Protein-rich food source

Mushrooms are a high protein food source that can produce up to 9 lbs of food per square foot annually. Deer have always eaten mushrooms for their nutritional value, and we've developed a way to build mushroom beds in forest area to help wildlife and hunters.

Creates healthy soil

Over time, mushroom waste will break down and create beautiful healthy soil, helping to restore your land.

No chemicals necessary

The only ingredients to go into your mushroom food plot are wood chips and mycohabitat mushroom spawn. No herbicides, pesticides, or soil additives are necessary to grow mushrooms.

Complements traditional food plots

Mushroom food plots provide alternative nutrients than plants used in traditional food plots can provide, and having both types of food plots available can make your property a deer food destination.

Heavy Machinery not required

Mushrooms grow best in shaded areas, and removal of trees, stumps, and other large forest growth is not required. Leveling ground with a lawnmower or heavy rake is all that's required to start your mushroom food plot.

Annual growth with minimal upkeep

All that's required to keep your mushroom food plot growing for years is to add wood chips annually. Mushrooms will grow more plentiful after 1 or more years in the ground, with very minimal time and expense.